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Your personal luggage radar

Powered by Bluetooth SMART © technology, Oritag application will alert you when your luggage is within approximately 150 feet.

Each device can track up to 4 tags.

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Security that's 360°

Orbitag sets a 150 feet geo-fence around your mobile device. Once your luggage equipped with an Orbitag is outside of the range, it will activate a loud alarming siren. You will receive an alarming notification.

My Orbit
on the Cloud

My Orbit is a brilliant additional smartphone application. It maps your journeys with the best trip recording and documenting features currently available.

Think about how cool it is to look back at your footmarks on the earth!

My Orbit will go live in December, 2014.
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Custom Design
Genuine Leather
Stylish design
Delicately crafted

Made of genuine leather, the Orbitag is understatedly elegant, precisely trimmed and beautifully tailored.

Don't forget to try our Custom-made Service, treat yourself and friends a unique Orbitag.

BlueTooth Dongle
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Upload your favorite photo and create the most unique luggage tag for your next trip!

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Weekend Getaway
1 tag with custom design.
USD$59.99 $49.99 / tag
Extented Vacation
2 tags with custom design.
USD$59.99 $45.99 / tag
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Orbitag supports:
iPhone 4s+
iPad 3+
Android 4.3+
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