Frequently Asked Questions

Functionality & Look

How many Orbitags can one device find?
Each device can track up to 4 tags.
What is the range of Orbitag?
The range is approximately 150 feet / 45 meters.
What if I don't have any Instagram or Facebook photos to upload?
No worries! You can use your personal photos to make your Orbitag.
With what devices does the Orbitag work?
Orbitag supports iPhone 4s+, iPad 3+, Android 4.3+.
Can the Orbitag app show me the direction to the equipped luggage?
Orbitag application will alert you when your luggage is within around 150 feet and approximate the distance, but not the exact direction.
Can other people print my design?
No, only you can print your tag.

Orbitag Care

How to attach an Orbitag to the luggage?
Each Orbitag comes with a string. Tie the Orbitag around the luggage handle or somewhere else with a ring.
Can name card be inserted into the Orbitag?
Yes! You can insert your name card into the Orbitag on the opposte side as illustrated here.
How to clean the Orbitag?
To better protect the leather you can use a leather moisturiser or other good leather care product like a general classic hand creme. Just a bit so the leather gets its flexibility back.
How long will the battery last?
Around 1 year.
How do I replace the battery?
Do not open Orbitag unless the battery is dead. There is a velcro seal on the tag. Separate the velcro, take out the bluetooth dongle and use a small coin or tool to pop it open.
What kind of battery does the Orbitag use?
Orbitag uses a standard watch battery, so it is easy to replace.

Ordering & Returns

How can I pay for my order?
We accept major credit / debit cards via PayPal and NO PayPal account is required.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we offer worldwide shipping!
How long does shipping take?
1 - 3 weeks.
Will my package be delivered to my house or to the post office for me to pick it up?
Your Orbitag will arrive at your house. There may be exceptions that door-to-door delivery service is not provided in particular areas though this is rare.
How can I check my order status?
There will be up-to-date notifications sent to the email address you filled in during the checkout process. Once the tag is delivered, you can check the shipping status with the provided carrier's tracking information.
How can I make changes to my order?
Simply email us at within 24 hours. Be sure to include your order number!
My Orbitag was damaged upon arrival. What do I do?
While we make every effort to ensure your tag arrives in perfect condition, sometimes things could happen. Take pictures of the damage and contact us. We will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction.

Still not satisfied?

Email us anytime at